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Sleepright TV Spots

Real Media and SleepRight have teamed up to bring a touch of nostalgia and a dash of wit to your screen! Together, they’ve crafted television spots that are not just eye-catching but also enlightening, offering viewers a savvy alternative to those pricey dental treatments for teeth grinding. Each ad spot is designed with a charming retro vibe, sprinkled generously with humor, and brings together a creative concoction of development, production, animation, and post-production magic.


Cates Heating & Cooling

Cates approached Real Media with an exciting mission: to spotlight their shiny new on-time scheduling service. They had a clear vision in mind – craft captivating spots that do more than just promise punctuality; they also had to showcase why they’re the top pick for the discerning folks of Johnson County.

LA Renaissance Faire TV Spots

The esteemed LA Renaissance Festival, in its quest for grandeur, sought the expertise of Real Media to conjure forth moving portraits and scrolls for the common and noble alike, to be spread across the lands via the magical ethers of television and the social tapestry. With great alchemy, we birthed a 3D dragon, majestic in its flight, soaring over the festival grounds captured by a mechanical bird’s eye. Moreover, we chronicled the valiant displays of performers, the enchanting swirls of dancers, and the thunderous clashes of knights jousting, all to herald the coming of a faire unlike any other, a testament to our realm’s splendor and the arts.


Arty Mcgoo – Greatest Showman

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to witness a spectacle like no other, a visual feast brought to life by the wizards at Real Media for the one and only Arty Mcgoo! In an endeavor to kickstart Cookie Con with a bang, we drew our inspiration from the grandiose of “The Greatest Showman,” but with a twist so sweet, it’ll make your taste buds dance—the world of cookies!

Under the bright lights of our very own green-screen coliseum, we captured the essence of confectionery wonder. Each scene, meticulously filmed, laid the foundation for what was to become a masterpiece in “cookie terms.” The melodies that echoed through the Real Media studio were nothing short of magical, concocting an auditory delight that perfectly complemented our visual feast.

With the raw ingredients of creativity in our hands, the team at Real Media whipped up a show open so mesmerizing, it brought the magic of Cookie Con to life before the event even began. Behold, a VFX masterpiece, where the art of cookies and the spectacle of cinema collide to create an unforgettable opening act. This, my friends, is the pinnacle of visual enchantment!


In the ever-evolving tableau of digital marketing, the sagacity of a first-rate video content agency stands as a beacon for marketers navigating the tempestuous seas of the internet. It’s akin to having an experienced navigator aboard your vessel; their knowledge and foresight in crafting compelling narratives not only captivate but convert audiences with a finesse that is both artful and precise. Engaging such expertise is not merely a wise decision—it’s an imperative for those wishing to command attention in the crowded digital marketplace. As British prudence would have it, heeding the counsel of these seasoned artisans is the key to ensuring one’s message not only reaches its audience but resonates with them on a profound level.

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