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Welcome to the Future of Creativity: Your Virtual Studio

In an era where imagination knows no bounds, why should your creative workspace be any different? Enter our Virtual Studio – the ultimate solution that transforms every corner of the world into your personal creative haven. Here’s why our virtual studio stands out:


Unleash Your Creativity, Anytime, Anywhere

  • Collaborate Without Borders
  • Cutting-Edge Tools at Your Fingertips
  • Scale Your Projects Effortlessly
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Eco-friendly and Cost-effective

Accessibility Redefined: Forget about the constraints of physical location. Whether you’re on a sunlit beach or cozied up in your living room, your studio is just a click away. Our platform ensures that your creative workflow is uninterrupted, providing you the freedom to create whenever inspiration strikes.


Collaborate Without Borders

Global Collaboration – Imagine brainstorming with a graphic designer from Paris, a sound engineer in Tokyo, and a 3D animator in New York City—all in real-time. Our virtual studio erases geographical limitations, enabling seamless collaboration across continents, cultures, and time zones. Creativity knows no boundaries here.


Cutting-Edge Tools at Your Fingertips

Innovative Technology – Step into a world where the latest digital creation tools are always at your disposal. From advanced drawing tablets to virtual reality sculpting, our studio is equipped with the cutting-edge technology needed to bring your visionary projects to life.


Scale Your Projects Effortlessly

Flexible Resources – Whether you’re working on a small-scale personal project or a large commercial campaign, our virtual studio scales with your needs. Access more resources as your project grows, including additional storage, computing power, and specialized software, all without the overhead of a traditional studio.


Secure and Reliable

Your Work, Safeguarded – We understand the value of your creations. That’s why our virtual studio is built with industry-leading security measures to protect your intellectual property. With regular backups and encryption, your work is safe from both physical and digital threats.


Eco-friendly and Cost-effective

Sustainability Meets Efficiency – By eliminating the need for physical space and reducing travel, our virtual studio not only lowers your carbon footprint but also cuts down on costs associated with maintaining a traditional studio space. Invest in your creativity, not overhead.


Your Studio, Reimagined

Our Virtual Studio isn’t just a platform; it’s a revolution in how creative work is done. It’s about breaking free from the traditional barriers that restrict talent and expression. With our virtual studio, the only limit is your imagination.


Ready to transform your creative process? Join us today and step into the studio of tomorrow.

shooting with green screen

Equipment List

  • High-Performance Computer Systems –  for heavy-duty video editing, 3D modeling, and real-time rendering.
  • Professional-Grade Monitors
  • Motion Capture System
  • Audio Equipment – Includes high-fidelity microphones, sound mixers, and professional headphones.
  • Green Screen and Lighting Kit – For creating virtual backgrounds and ensuring proper lighting.
  • High-Speed Internet Connection – for cloud-based collaboration and data transfer.
  • Backup and Storage Solutions – RAID systems for local backups and cloud storage for off-site backups.
  • Video Editing Software – like Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve, for editing and effects.
  • 3D Modeling and Animation Software –  3D Studio, Cinema 4D and Aftereffects.
  • Virtual Production Software – tools like Unreal Engine for live-action and CGI integration.
  • Audio Editing Software – Avid Pro Tools or Adobe Audition for sound editing.
  • Streaming and Broadcasting Software –  OBS Studio or Wirecast for live streaming.
  • Collaboration and Project Management Tooll – Slack, Trello, or Asana for team coordination.

recording Studio

Our state of the art recording studio was designed and built by Steven Durr, the principal

designer of Steven Durr Designs, LLC in Nashville.  Our studio is the perfect environment to

create pristine audio for film, broadcast, radio, web, social media and more.   

We believe that great audio is as important as great video when it comes to creating

effective creative content.  If you want your content to achieve results, you have to have great

audio.  Our goal is to make sure your audio works on ANY platform whether it’s a cell phone or

sports arena.  Clear impactful audio is a must.  Great audio drives emotion and emotion

drives action and message retention.

Equipment and setup

Equipment List

ProTools Ultimate

Avid C24 Control Surface Mixing Console

(2) MOTU 8M / 8 Channel Audio Interface

Yamaha Hs8 Studio Monitors with 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing capabilities

Automated Dialogue Replacement – ADR mixing

Film and Video Sync

Isolated Tracking Rooms 

Various Microphones selected for pristine voice over recording

Dedicated Podcast Studio equipped with a RODEcaster Pro Integrated

Podcast Production Console and four individual Rode Dynamic Podcasting Microphones 

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