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soundstage and sets

Working in a studio environment with mulitple options is key to efficient video content creation.  Our Studio is 2000 square feet of content creation heaven.  It includes a fully functioning kitchen, living room, greenscreen 90 degree syc, streaming set and more.  Check it out.



Our greenscreen is lit and ready to shoot on 24/7.  It features a 20ft X 30ft 90 degree syc that

is 12 feet tall.  The floor is painted green as well so we can shoot virtually anything you can

imagine in front of our greenscreen.  Well, maybe not an airplane.

Kitchen set

The shooting kitchen is a fully functioning kitchen.  It features bronze brushed metal

appliances, a moveable island with a gas cooktop, a double oven, dishwasher and walnut

stained cabinetry.  Cabinets are set up for easy decoration to match any theme or style. 

The set is lit with LED lighting, under counter lighting and soft LED sources for talent.

Also of note is the PTZ camera mounted directly above the cooktop for the patented

overhead shot of what’s for dinner.

Living Room Set

The Living Room set is easily configured to match any home aesthetic you are looking for. 

Whether it’s family time watching TV, Arty’s World, or a nice warm interview, we can configure

this set to work for a variety of looks and needs.  We’ve even configured it to look like a

Schlage workshop.

The set is lit with LED lighting all the way around and operated through a computer

controlled dimming system.  That means we have all the control at the click of a


LED Truss Set

The Truss Set is configured with trussing on both sides of an 85-inch touchscreen monitor.

The touchscreen monitor can display animated logos, pictures, websites, and even a live

zoom feed.

This set is lit with DMX-controlled LEDs so we can easily match the colors of any brand

with the click of a mouse.  Additionally, the set is lit with multiple LED soft sources to

make your talent look great without impacting the color in the background.  It’s versatile and

beautiful on camera as well as livestreams and virtual events.  Everything you need to

present your brand in the best possible light.

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