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Content Strategy

At Real Media we love strategy.  Give us a whiteboard, a shot of espresso, and your team to brainstorm with, and we’ll come up with a strategy to get your brand message in front of your target audience.  We want to know everything.

These are the key elements we need to understand to develop your content plan.

    • Target Audience and Brand – who they are, what they do, where they are.
    • Message – in a voice the audience recognizes and understands.
    • Call To Action – If we don’t ask them to engage they won’t

Target Audience

and Brand

Brainstorming and Discovery.  That’s the first step in understanding your brand and target

audience.  We really do want to know everything.  We believe that magic happens when we all

get in a room together and bounce ideas.  We love to work with clients and dream.  Here’s what

we want to know.

    • What is your brand about?

    • What are the keys to your brand awareness and retention?

    • What are the key demographics of your target audience(s)?

    • Where can we connect with your audience?  

We need a true understanding of your brand and your audience to help you in create

content that effectively engages with them.


Now that we know your brand and target audience we’ll move on to understanding your


We’ll ask questions like this.

  • What do you want your audience to know about your brand?

  • What voice will they respond to?

  • Can we make them laugh, or not?

  • How deep can we go?

  • How do they learn?

Messaging is the bait.  We want to make sure your audience responds in a positive manner to your message.   When the message is right, results ensue.

call to action

You’ve probably heard this term before.  Seems simple enough, but it really is a lost art. 


There are many techniques that work well depending on your brand and audience.  If we’ve

landed on great creative that nails your brand and drives engagement with your target

audience the call to action will be as we say – easy peasy.

Here are the questions we’ll ask.

    • What do you want your audience to do?

    • What is the audience takeaway?

    • Is it message retention, to purchase or to find out more?

    • How hard can we push with your audience?

    • What constitutes success?

These answers will give us the roadmap to driving results.

How Content Strategy Enhances Your Business’s Credibility And Exposure


Content strategy is a crucial marketing technique that involves planning content types and distribution channels in advance to achieve business goals. At Real Media, a leading content strategy agency, we help enhance your business credibility and exposure through a strategic content plan in the following ways:

• Increases Visibility

Developing a solid content strategy with a top content strategy agency can significantly enhance your search engine ranking, organically boosting your business website’s visibility and reach. By generating quality content tailored to your target audience, you increase brand awareness and web traffic. Creating content with specific keywords that cater to your potential customers helps your site rank at the top of search engine result pages (SERP), establishing you as a credible source of information and attracting more clicks to your website.

• Builds Trust And Business Authority

Partnering with a top content strategy agency can help your business establish itself as a reliable source, enhance your reputation, and build trust with your targeted audience. By sharing informative content that provides valuable insights and knowledge on various business topics, you can boost your credibility as a problem-solver in the market. This approach strengthens your business authority, helps you outgrow competitors, and creates a transparent connection with potential customers by effectively sharing your brand story.

• Boosts Customer Engagement

As a leading content strategy agency, we help you build strong relationships with potential clients by addressing their common problems in your content and showcasing how your products and services can help them. Additionally, we enhance customer engagement by responding to their questions, reviews, and comments. By including a clear CTA (call to action) in your content, we drive better lead generation and higher sales for your business.

What they are saying

From the moment we started working with Real Media we have been thrilled with their team.  They always deliver on time with great results.  They make us look great and I trust them.  When anyone asks me about video I tell them, these are my guys.

Lisa Ginter

CommunityaMerica Credit union

Real Media and their team have continued to deliver great content for Cottey College.  In today’s recruiting and fundraising environment, rich content is a much if you want to drive results.  Real Media is a great partner in our success.

Christi Ellis

Cottey College

turnkey content solutions without sacrificing quality


What is Content Strategy, and Why is it Important for My Business?

Content strategy involves planning and creating content that aligns with your business goals while attracting your target audience. As a top content strategy agency, we emphasize its importance for several reasons:

  • Understanding Your Audience: A well-crafted content strategy helps businesses understand their potential clients’ behavior, demographics, and preferences, establishing a brand voice that resonates with your audience.
  • Relevant Messaging: It ensures your content delivers the right business message that your audience can relate to and engage with.
  • Effective CTA: Crafting a compelling call to action (CTA) provokes prospects to interact with your content, driving better engagement.
  • Consistency and Trust: Consistent generation of valuable content builds your brand authority and trust with potential customers, fostering stronger relationships.
  • Achieving Long-term Goals: A strategic approach to content helps you achieve long-term business goals by continually attracting and engaging your target audience.

How can a content strategy agency help improve a brand's online presence?

A content strategy agency like Real Media can significantly enhance a brand’s online presence in the following ways:

  • Thorough Audience Research: Conducting in-depth research on your target audience to understand their preferences and behaviors.
  • SEO Optimization: Developing effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to improve your brand’s visibility in SERPs by creating informative content with relevant keywords.
  • Multichannel Distribution: Distributing content across multiple channels, including your brand’s website, to boost visibility and drive traffic.
  • Consistent Messaging: Ensuring consistent circulation of your brand message to enhance brand recognition and build trust.

Partner with Real Media, a leading content strategy agency, to elevate your online presence and achieve lasting success.

What are the crucial components of an effective content strategy?

An effective content strategy, developed by a leading content strategy agency, involves the following crucial components:

  • Brand Understanding: A deep understanding of the brand’s identity, unique selling propositions, and preferences.
  • Audience Insight: Comprehensive knowledge of the target audience’s behavior, demographics, and preferences.
  • Compelling Messaging: Crafting messages in a voice that your audience understands and relates to, evoking the desired response.
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: Strategies to improve brand awareness and online presence, attracting more customers.
  • Success Metrics: Defining and tracking success metrics to measure the effectiveness of your content strategy.

How Do I Measure the Success of a Content Strategy?

As a leading content strategy agency, we recommend measuring the success of your content strategy by analyzing the following metrics:

  • Website Traffic: Monitor website traffic to see how many visitors view your page and the time they spend on it.
  • Engagement Metrics: Analyze engagement metrics, including click-through rates, shares, comments, and likes.
  • Conversion Rate: Evaluate the conversion rate to understand how many leads are taking the desired actions and converting, leading to higher sales.
  • SEO Performance: Track SEO performance to determine if you are ranking for targeted keywords, indicating optimized content.
  • Sales and Revenue: Measure your business’s progress through the sales and revenue generated.
  • Content Performance Analysis: Use analytics tools to conduct a thorough analysis of your content’s performance, identifying which content or distribution channels bring the most traffic and leads.

By focusing on these metrics, a content strategy agency can help you optimize and refine your content strategy for maximum success.

How Can a Content Strategy Agency Impact My Search Engine Visibility and Rankings?

A content strategy agency can significantly impact your search engine visibility and rankings by creating relevant and optimized content. This includes incorporating targeted keywords that align with user intent, enhancing your content’s relevance, and boosting your site’s performance on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Can a Content Strategy Agency Help with Content Creation and Distribution?

Yes, a content strategy agency can expertly assist with both content creation and distribution, ensuring your content reaches and engages your target audience effectively.

What Resources are Available for Businesses Looking to Optimize Their Content Marketing Efforts?

A content strategy agency can provide various resources for businesses aiming to optimize their content marketing efforts, including:

  • Marketing Analytics Tools
  • Industry Reports
  • SEO Tools

These resources help enhance your content strategy and drive better results.

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