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Drone Footage in Kansas City

If you’re in Kansas City and think, “Where can I find a drone videographer near me?” Real Media offers a unique perspective on the city with its experienced videographers and cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re in Kansas City or beyond, Real Media has the experience and advanced equipment to produce stunning aerial footage. Get started today by contacting Real Media.

   EVO 2 – 6K

Kansas City From a Bird’s Eye View

Kansas City is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, and it’s no wonder that people from all over the country are eager to get a bird’s eye view of this vibrant city. Spanning an impressive 315 square miles, Kansas City is a sprawling metropolis that offers plenty to see and explore.

Real Media creates breath-taking aerial shots tailored to your needs to hone in on your message to your audience. Video is a powerful tool in communicating with your audience base, and professional aerial shots are both capturing and impactful. Real Media can capture it all, whether you’re looking for fantastic skyscape shots, action shots, or panoramas, we know how to produce video that resonates with your customers. 

We can travel anywhere in Kansas City or beyond to get your project done right. With unmatched quality and attention to detail, our drones will provide you with captivating video customized to your specifications. Contact Real Media today to start your project and create a compelling message for your audience. 

Drone Footage From Real Media

For Kansas City drone footage that will genuinely take your breath away, Real Media is the solution. Our team of experts has years of experience in aerial videography, video production, and photography, and uses the latest technology to make sure your project looks terrific. 

We equip our drones with state of the art cameras that provide crystal-clear images and 6K video. Our advanced software ensures that every shot is captured and edited seamlessly so you get what you want from your project. Tell your story in high resolution from above and start seeing your leads convert.  

Whether you need drone footage for a commercial shoot, documentary, or special event, – Real Media has you covered. Our team will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that we meet all your needs and exceed expectations. So don’t wait any longer – contact Real Media today to get started on capturing spectacular Kansas City drone footage!

Real Media is The Right Drone Videographer For You

Real Media is ideal for capturing incredible aerial video production in Kansas City. Our team of professionals has been in drone video production since the technology first existed – and we only the latest technology to ensure your project is perfect. We are based in Kansas City but are willing to travel to accommodate your needs.

Our drones provide us with unique angles and perspectives you won’t find elsewhere; from sweeping views of the city skyline to intricate details of individual buildings, Real Media can create an unforgettable experience from above. We also pay careful attention to detail and quality assurance throughout each production stage, ensuring we carefully capture all footage.

We strive for excellent customer service, so you never have to worry about questions or concerns going unanswered. At Real Media, we take pride in creating extraordinary moments through our aerial videos – so contact us today to get started.

How Our Drone Footage Services Can enhance your brand and story

Engaging, High-quality & Unique Content

By using the power of aerial drone shots, businesses can showcase their products, operations, premises, or events in stunning detail and clarity. Drones offer easy access to vantage points that were once only attainable with costly equipment like helicopters, providing beautiful perspectives that can drive engagement and improve brand recognition. This leaves a lasting impression and sets your brand apart by offering a perspective that traditional methods cannot match.

Better Storytelling

Using drone video in Kansas City is one of the most effective ways to tell a compelling story in your marketing efforts. While traditional video methods are valuable, drone footage adds a unique and dynamic perspective that’s otherwise unattainable. This technology breathes new life into various types of content, such as:

  • Construction Projects: Capture expansive views and detailed progress shots that highlight the scale and intricacies of your projects.
  • Product Demonstrations: Showcase products from innovative angles, providing a more immersive experience.
  • Customer Profiles: Offer engaging, aerial perspectives that enhance storytelling and viewer connection.

Drone video transforms conventional shots into extraordinary visual narratives, making your marketing more impactful and memorable.

Engage Audiences with Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Drone Video

Drones also excel at creating engaging behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos. These videos foster a stronger connection between your business and its customers by providing a more intimate and intriguing look at your operations. With drone video in Kansas City, you can:

Capture Office Life:  Show a vibrant, aerial view of your workplace.  Highlight Group Activities: Document team-building events, group lunches, and company outings with dynamic aerial shots.

Follow the CEO: Offer a unique “day in the life” perspective by trailing your CEO from location to location.

BTS drone videos are more captivating, providing viewers with a fresh and engaging perspective of your business.

A Unique Brand Identity

Drone footage provides a powerful tool for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors and offer a unique value proposition. By incorporating drone footage, brands can create a memorable identity in the minds of consumers and make them know your story through stunning aerial views of their facilities. This fresh perspective positions brands as industry leaders and innovators, leading to brand recognition and loyalty.

High Social Media Engagement and Improved SEO Rankings

Are you aiming to boost brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website? Our drone aerial photography services can significantly enhance your online presence by increasing social media engagement and improving SEO rankings.

Drone videos naturally draw higher engagement rates on social media platforms. This increased engagement means more likes, shares, and comments, which in turn means increased visibility and recognition. As your content reaches a broader audience, more users will be driven to your social media pages and website, potentially leading to increased sales and customer conversions.

Not just that. Posting videos created via drone video production as content for your website can also positively impact your search engine rankings. Google prioritizes websites with rich multimedia content, and high-quality video content can help your site rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Engaging drone videos keeps visitors on your page longer, improving dwell time and reducing bounce rates—key metrics that Google uses to assess website relevance and quality.

Industry-Specific Benefits of Our Drone Footage Services

Real Estate

Drone photography in Kansas City provides an aerial view of properties, making listings more attractive and engaging. Integrating this technology can enhance your marketing strategy and increase client interest. 

In fact, 88% of home sellers prefer agents who use drones.


Our drone video production services capture stunning aerial shots of corporate events, festivals, or large gatherings. It can engage audiences from the start, highlighting key moments and scenic locations. Thus boosting event promotion and attendance.

Renewable Energy

Drones can capture intriguing and detailed shots of energy installations, such as wind farms or solar arrays, keeping the viewers engaged and informed. These high-quality visuals are ideal for social media, where they can stand out amidst the clutter and draw attention to the projects and innovations.


What is Drone Aerial Photography?

Drone aerial photography involves capturing images and videos from an elevated perspective using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), offering unique vantage points and high-quality visuals.

How is Drone Video Production Different from Traditional Videography?

Drone video production provides dynamic aerial perspectives and access to angles and locations that traditional ground-based videography cannot reach, offering unique and visually stunning footage.

What Are the Benefits of Using Drone Photography Services in Kansas City?

Benefits include capturing unique aerial views, enhancing marketing materials, increasing engagement, improving real estate listings, and providing high-quality visuals for various industries.

Are Drone Aerial Photography Services Legal in Kansas City?

Yes, they are legal. Kansas City’s ordinances do not add specific restrictions on drone use but prohibit obstructing airspace at city airports.

Can Drone Photography Enhance Real Estate Marketing Strategies?

Yes, it offers unique, high-quality aerial views of properties, making listings more attractive and engaging to potential buyers, thus enhancing marketing strategies.

What Equipment is Essential for Drone Video Production?

Essential equipment includes a high-quality drone, a 4K camera, stabilizers, extra batteries, and a remote control with GPS capabilities.

Does Drone Aerial Photography Add Value to Events and Special Occasions?

Yes, it provides unique, high-quality aerial footage that captures the scale and excitement of events, adding a memorable and dynamic element to event coverage.

Can Drone Photography Services Be Customized for Specific Projects in Kansas City?

Yes, drone photography services can be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of various projects, ensuring customized and relevant content.

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