If you’re looking to hire a professional recording studio for your audio needs, you’ll likely be wondering what tools and equipment they have available for your audio production project. Full-service production studios, like Real Media, have all the technology you need to create impactful results. So, what equipment is considered essential to ensure a successful recording session? Let’s find out.

1. Source Connect

Source Connect is a technological capability not many professional recording studios have, which is one of the reasons it can make certain studios stand out from others. This software platform allows individuals to record audio remotely in real time to or from anywhere in the world.

The thing that makes Source Connect so special is its ability to take a microphone feed from one studio to another in full quality, so if the voice actor can’t come to the commercial studio in person, they can still record and send their voice recording from their location to where the producers are located.

The transmission of high-quality audio requires an incredibly fast internet connection, which is one of the reasons this platform is not always ideal for smaller or homemade studio spaces. Instead, it’s better to rely on the expertise of a professional recording studio that possesses the speed capacity needed to get the audio job done correctly.

2. Automated Dialogue Replacement

Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) is another recording studio software that’s hard to find outside a professional studio. This recording capability allows an individual to re-record takes that may have been impacted by a loud environment while the original recording was being captured. New audio can then be recorded to mesh perfectly with the initial audio track and solve these issues.

While this software is not necessarily required to record audio, it can guarantee a more high-quality result, and it gives you the ability to record multiple takes while recording. It also offers other benefits to production teams, including the ability to:

  • Improve the quality of audio
  • Eliminate audio interference
  • Alter certain dialogue lines or add voiceover/off-screen audio
  • Correct other sound issues

ADR is often confused with dubbing, but they are not the same thing. ADR allows dialogue to be re-recorded in a quieter setting, especially if the original audio had some sort of interference that decreased its sound quality. For ADR to be successful, the person recording their voice must do so with the same emotion and tone as in the original recording to ensure consistency.

Dubbing, on the other hand, is usually used to translate dialogue to other languages, allowing someone to add a new audio track over content that has already been created. So, while ADR and dubbing are related, they are used for different purposes.

A professional recording studio’s capability to fix audio in the post-production process with ADR is an essential tool, especially if you want high-quality audio for your project.

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3. Engineered Audio Booth and Studio

It’s very easy for external background sounds to sneak into audio recordings if they haven’t been filtered out, which is why recording studios need to have a completely soundproof room to record in.

At Real Media, our studio features a custom-built recording room with double-layered walls. The two layers have dead space filled with insulation between them, creating a smaller room-within-a-room. We also use sound baffles, such as padded cloth or foam, to help “deaden” the recording room and decrease echoing.

All these features come together and allow us to create a highly soundproof and noise-reducing space, so any interference from external noise can be completely avoided during the recording process. This can help to make editing in the post-production phase a lot easier, since it gives audio recordings the clarity they need to be considered high-quality.

4. High-Quality Recording Equipment

Instruments, microphones, and mic stands are necessary for recording quality audio. High-quality microphones must be used to record vocals, instruments, and certain sound effects. Most professional recording studios will have a range of microphones available to accommodate all different voice types and instruments, as well as pop filters to eliminate extra vibrations—such as vocal popping or other noises that can occur during audio production.

We also usually provide quality headsets for monitoring, since it is essential for recording vocals correctly. Certain sets, like closed-back headphones, are made to prevent any outside sound from seeping into the microphones while recording. This not only retains the audio’s quality, but it can also help the artist in recording their voice. Cutting out background noise eliminates distraction and may even decrease the number of edits that need to be done later on.

5. Recording Studio Professionals

Attempting to record audio yourself or in a home studio won’t always lead to the high-quality outcome you’re looking for. Instead, it’s better to leave this job to audio professionals who already have the essential tools to guarantee success, including equipment, software, a professional mixing board, and so much more.

As a full-service recording studio in Kansas City, Real Media is dedicated to creating high-quality video and audio content. To learn more or to get started with your next project, contact us today at 913-894-8989.