Marketing, in general, is moving away from traditional media and towards content marketing. And that’s good news for all business owners since content marketing, once perfected, is easy to churn out. 

But it all begins with developing a marketing plan that fits with your brand’s primary values (Real Media Marketing can help).

How do you build a brand plan that does that? Below, we have laid out some tips for you so you can build a content creation plan that will sustain you for months to come, so keep reading. 

It All Starts With a Mission and Vision Statement

You might already have a mission and vision statement written out for your organization, or perhaps not. However, to ensure that your content marketing plan aligns with your brand, you will want to take a look at your mission and vision statement. 

What does it say about your company and what it stands for? Every bit of content you create has to align with these statements, otherwise, you are going to confuse everyone who follows or subscribes to you. 

Your Brand’s Goals and Values

Another thing you need to have written out is your brand’s goals.

Where do you see your organization going in the next 6 months? Next year? The next 5 years? 

You might have written out goals for all these periods, so you will want to ensure your content marketing plan is in tandem with these goals. 

For example, if you wish to move into the tween market in the next 2 years, then your content will have to be geared towards tweens and you will have to choose the right social media channels for that as well. 

Your brand awareness and values will also need to come into the picture. Suppose one of your brand values is integrity or honesty, and you keep on using content created by others without getting their permission. In that case, you are not adhering to your brand value. 

The problem with this non-adherence is that the modern audience is quite savvy and will quickly catch on to these infractions, resulting in them boycotting your organization or shunning your products. Brand awareness among your audience has both its positives and negatives, as you can tell.

Decide Which Content Marketing Avenues to Focus Upon

Again, depending on your brand goals and values, you will be able to choose the right marketing avenues. There are dozens of social media channels out there and it seems there’s a new one popping up every few months that is the next “big” thing. 

If you started creating content on all these channels, you would soon have no time for anything else. Also, your efforts will be quite diluted. 

Pick 2 or 3 social media channels to focus on and that’s all. The more concentrated your efforts can be, the more traction you will build on these channels.

Also, don’t let FOMO get to you. Just because there’s a new social media channel that everyone is raving about, doesn’t mean you should jump on it, especially if it doesn’t align with your brand or marketing plan.

Build a Brand Content Marketing Calendar

This is a big step in building a marketing plan that aligns with your brand. Once you have your brand strategy, values, and goals in mind, it will be easy for you to start plugging all the content creation strategies into each day, week, and month of the calendar year. 

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to marketing success. You will want to put out content on all your social media channels and blogs at least once a week, if not more often. 

This content should be a mix of sharing stories about your organization, its successes and struggles, and also teaching your followers about your products and their benefits. Don’t just sell on your social media channels. This will cause folks to un-follow in a hurry. 

Assign Team Members to Each Part of the Marketing Plan

You might have a big enough marketing team that you can assign roles to each team member and have them focus on each aspect of the marketing plan. This way they can become an expert on it and ensure that nothing in the plan is left behind or missed out on.

But if you don’t have a big team, then consider hiring a Real Media marketing agency and outsourcing your video content marketing to a Kansas City production company. It’s crucial to have a good brand strategy and marketing plan and then have a team to execute that plan properly. 

Without proper content marketing, there’s no way to be competitive in today’s world, since all organizations are highly focused on putting out great content to entice followers. Our Kansas City Production company is ready to help you today.

Let the Content Creation Magic Begin

You never know which piece of content will go viral. The audience nowadays is fickle and unpredictable. But if you keep on creating new content and putting it out into the blogosphere, then sure enough you will reach the right audience that’s loyal to your brand and its values. 

It might take a bit of backtracking on your part, but once you can start with a clean slate, your marketing plan will be aligned with your brand’s goals and values and there will be no confusion at all. 

Real Media Marketing – a Kansas City Production Company

It’s time for you to begin working with a Real Media marketing agency that knows what it’s talking about. Our Kansas City production company is ready to help you create a content marketing plan that works with your brand and aligns with your values. We also offer a video content audit for free!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the steps laid out above, then contact Real Media Marketing today. We have helped many other organizations like yours.