Are you looking for a way to give your business more notoriety in Kansas City? Consider working with a video production company in Kansas City.

Research shows that more than 64% of men and women have felt emotional connections with brands, and video production in KC can help make this happen for you.

Small businesses can work with a Kansas City video production company to increase sales and attract customers. Let’s explore how you can use video production to build your brand.

Why Use a video marketing agency in Kansas City?

A top reason to partner with a video marketing agency in Kansas City is that they can produce videos for you that will help your business stand out and create a bold video strategy for you to use!

Even though many organizations provide the same services and products, some brands are more noticeable than others. A brand that stands out has mastered how to communicate its core values to consumers.

Through brand videos, your audience can discover how your business can help them if they invest their resources and time in you.

Videos remain one of the best tools for making your marketing more personal. That’s because videos give your brand a face — ideally your face — and capture your company’s genuine expression and mission.

Creating content in this way can help you build a strong bond with potential customers, which may help you more easily convert audience members into paying clients.

Build Trust with Video Production in Kansas City

Another reason to use promotional video marketing through a Kansas City video production company is that it can help you build trust with your audience. If consumers don’t trust you, they won’t want to commit to you.

With a promotional video, you can communicate with your audience directly and motivate them to take a further step in the customer journey.

Create Shareable Content for Consumers

Yet another reason to take advantage of video marketing is that people can easily share your videos. Videos are among the most shareable types of online content. YouTube alone has more than two billion users globally.

The reason why videos are simple to share is that humans are passionate, so they’re attracted to emotional online content. You can capitalize on this by creating content that will appeal to consumers’ emotions. This will increase the likelihood that your videos will be shared online.

Make sure your videos are mobile-friendly, as an increasing number of consumers are relying on mobile devices to get real-time content. For instance, make your videos’ text large so that mobile users can read and see them.

Let’s take a look at a few types of professional videos you can create to build a successful brand.

Awareness-Building Video Advertising

The first type of video you should hire an expert in video production in KC to produce is an awareness-building video.

During your brand’s initial video marketing stage — your awareness stage — you need to use videos to create and spread brand awareness. You can set a goal to achieve a certain number of video views or followers on social media when you post your videos on Facebook or Instagram, for example.

Start by creating content like a business explainer video. In this video, you’ll talk about your brand, including your culture and core values.

You can briefly mention your service or product, but the main focus is on your business brand. Then, you can share details about your service or product.

Product-Explaining Video Advertising

In a product-explaining video, you can share details about your service or product. This video is part of your brand’s consideration stage. During this stage, viewers become prospective customers.

You’ll explain how your product works in this video. Consumers will want more details about your product to determine if they want to commit to you. Focus more on being practical and less on being salesy in your video.

You can measure your professional videos’ success by determining how many new leads go to your product page.

Sales Conversion Video Advertising

Next, you can create sales conversion videos, which are part of your brand’s conversion phase. These videos are aimed at converting leads to profitable sales.

In these videos, you should try to convince potential customers that they need your product.

Trust-Building Video Advertising

A Kansas City video production company can also create for you a brand testimonial video to help you further build your brand. The promotional video can feature real clients endorsing your business. This may convince others to try your service or product.

You can also build trust with your audience by creating videos that show the people behind your business’s brand. For instance, let your co-founders and other important people in your company introduce themselves.

This is the perfect way to personalize your video and brand. Viewers may realize that the people who run your company understand their needs and can relate to them.

Our Kansas City Video Production Company

Video production in Kansas City can help you increase awareness about your brand and build trust with your audience. You can first produce videos sharing your company’s core values and mission. Then, create testimonial videos, sales videos, and product-explaining videos to further turn consumers into paying customers.

At Real Media, your leading Kansas City video production company, we take pride in offering video production and audio production services. Our production company in Kansas City can also help with content strategy and drone footage. We also offer a video content audit for free!

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